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Couple Feature: Davina + Brian

There is this ongoing joke that because I have been a wedding planner in the GTA for so long, I practically know someone everywhere. My husband started this theory, and I have always vehemently denied it. I wasn’t that popular. It wasn’t like I bumped into someone new every day on the street. Nobody was running around getting my autograph (as an extroverted-introvert, I would find that terrifying anyway). 

Bride in the Window

And then I met Davina and Brian. When I first met them - and this was pre-COVID, so I don’t remember if it was in person or on Zoom - I remember thinking to myself: “Huh, she looks familiar, but I can’t quite place where.” 

Then I looked at her last name and realized, could she really be related to an old classmate of mine?

Yes, yes she was. In fact, she was the twin sister of someone I went to university with. Her brother and I had lost touch shortly after we both graduated, but I never forget a face.

Davina and Brian were one of those couples that you knew were truly sitting in front of me because they wanted a beautiful, simple wedding, but they didn’t want any fuss. They knew they needed flowers and decor, but they weren’t too picky on what. They were happy with all my suggestions. They were warm, friendly, and respectful. They had one or two minor anxiety attacks because they were planning it on a short timeframe - plus, COVID had just hit and everything was very uncertain.

But, by all accounts and purposes, they were the best couple to plan a pandemic wedding with because they were just excited to be married and were willing to be flexible with whatever came. 

Blush Wedding Flowers on Pedestal

Even if on the wedding day, even though it was May 1, it was so cold that I couldn’t feel my fingers, and only parents were allowed to be inside the tent with the bride and groom (at that time, the restrictions said 10 people only indoors, including tents). The siblings (on both sides) rolled up to the edge of the 40 ft tent and watched from the tent entrance in the back. I will always remember COVID to be a time when we as wedding planners tried to push the envelope as much as we could to make sure we could accommodate people. Not only was it freezing, it was also windy - which meant one of our floral pieces flew off a pedestal and we needed duct tape to tape it back on (in addition to some really quick re-designing).

Once the ceremony was over, everyone enjoyed individually boxed cupcakes on their way out to commemorate a lack of reception.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve come back from such a weird time in our careers and lives. Thanks for sticking with us!

And thank you to the wonderful vendor team for helping us achieve this one:

Photography and Videography - Fable Studios

Wedding Florals - Envision Floral Studio

Wedding Officiant - Matthew Bin

Wedding Venue - Angus Glen Golf Club

Bridal Hair and Makeup - Stephanie Daga of BlushPretty


Kimberly's headshot

- Kimberly XO


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