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"We hired Kimberly & her team for partial planning 9 months ahead of our wedding, once we picked our venue. 

She was invaluable to our experience - helping us navigate the 'wedding world'. 
For instance, numerous vendors would ask us if we had any further questions - but half the battle was knowing what to ask in the first place. In our queries and second-guessing, she was able to alleviate the stresses associated with this stage of wedding planning by giving us 'the lay of the land', expectations, and strategies for time-management. The breakdown of elements was incredibly useful - especially for any couple that leads busy lives. 

Another quality we valued was her honesty - in regards to letting us know what would be needed (and or noticed) on the wedding day. As a result, we managed to avoid unnecessary "upgrades" and "up-selling". In fact, one of her unique attributes is the ability to connect us with vendors we would have never otherwise considered or found - for instance - the wedding cake and sourcing a seamstress for tailored garments at a reasonable price. 

Perhaps the most important aspect was our ability to establish trust with her - Kimberly and her team are incredibly personable and in our exchanges and meetings, we'd only have to make a request once and they would execute/ relay our queries to vendors in a timely manner. 

Kimberly and her team were also incredibly generous with their time - in fact, due to the timing of the arrival of our garments, we had to stagger our engagement shoots to two separate days -- AND they helped out on both without hesitation (and without additional fees). She also worked extra when things didn't go right, such as a 3rd party website for coordinating guests where she took extra time to make sure every guest was properly registered / set-up.

In terms of availability, Kimberly was super responsive - even when I didn't need a response in a hurry she would always be responding (or explaining when she couldn't) over WhatsApp - it felt as if she was available 24/7. The number of things she was able to help with when we randomly thought of them after hours was incredible.

Overall, we loved working with Kimberly and her team, would absolutely recommend to anyone else - take the stress out of planning the wedding, and she will save you $$, it's well worth it!!"


Photography by Aron Goss Photography for Artanis Collective

with contributions by Fable Studios



Wedding Gown by Inbal Dror (via White) | Suit by Tolo Clothier | Ties by TYTAN | Custom Red Dress & Jacket by Remanna

Hair and Makeup by Olivia Ha  | Accommodations by the Westin Prince | Chuppah by DT Floral and Decor | Florals by Envision Floral Studio

Cake by Andy's Wedding Cakes | Catering by McEwan Group | Entertainment by SWITCHBEAT 

Ceremony presided by Jeremy Citron | Favours by Succulent Chocolates | Stationery by the Maker Bean

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