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Kicking Off Forever: Tiffany and Ben’s Ancaster Mill Wedding

Have you ever met a couple you knew were made for each other? Meet Tiffany and Ben, their love story feels like a winning championship game (they love sports so I promise not to make too many references). From the moment I met them, I knew their wedding would be filled with charm, laughter, and a touch of creativity. They're the kind of couple who radiate warmth and kindness, making everyone around them feel instantly at ease.

Tiffany and Ben's wedding was held at the Ancaster Mill on August 13, 2022, and was nothing short of magical. What made their celebration truly special was their unique approach to engaging guests. They wanted to ensure that everyone there felt acknowledged, and appreciated. A small, but creative, example of this was seen with the card box. Instead of simply just having a card box, they provided stickers representing different things they were saving for – a new home, a family car, a honeymoon, Tiffany's marathon, and Ben's live soccer. Guests got to choose which sticker they wanted, adding an interactive and personal touch to the gift-giving process.

Their first look, orchestrated with the help of the wedding concierge at the special events office, was a moment filled with anticipation and love. It was like Ben was about to shoot the winning goal in his championship match. It was an incredibly emotional, and beautiful moment to witness.

One of the most touching moments of the wedding was when a significant portion of Ben's family couldn't attend. To make them feel included, Tiffany and Ben’s family created a heartwarming video montage of well wishes, which was played on a projector during the dinner. It was a beautiful gesture that captured the essence of love and family, despite the physical distance.

Working with Tiffany and Ben was an absolute joy, especially collaborating with our sister company Envision Floral Studio. The florals they created really made the venue look absolutely beautiful.

The love and laughter shared between Tiffany and Ben could be felt for miles (Tiffany is a runner), making their wedding an unforgettable experience for all involved.

In the end, Tiffany and Ben's wedding was a true reflection of their love story – filled with laughter, creativity, and heartfelt moments. It's couples like them that remind me why I do what I do – to help bring dreams to life and create memories that last a lifetime.

Check out our Instagram highlight reel from Tiffany and Ben's wedding for a collection of memorable moments captured from their beautiful day. We hope you enjoy reliving the magic of their wedding celebration!

Special thank you to our cherished partners for their contributions that have added an extra layer of joy and beauty to this special occasion.

Hair + Makeup - Bridal Secretary

Officiant - John Shore


-Jenna XO


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