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The Science of Love: Michaela & Zach's Science Centre Wedding

Imagine driving down the highway with your fiancé. You two are newly engaged and excitedly speaking about all things wedding. You then pass the Ontario Science Centre and one of you jokes about how cool it would be if you could have your wedding there. Unexpectedly your partner agrees and the next thing you know you are on a site visit booking this as your wedding venue.

Michaela and Zach had their wedding on May 20, 2023, at the Ontario Science Centre!

Michaela and Zach were one of the most family-oriented couples I have gotten to work with. They made it so easy to work with them to create their big day.

The morning of their wedding was so joyful. Everyone was stress-free and so supportive of each other. Michaela was such a gorgeous bride. I will never forget the love that was between her and her mother when they were taking photos on their home's staircase. One of the most beautiful mother-daughter relationships I have witnessed.

The weather unfortunately caused us to have to shift to an indoor ceremony. However, The Marry Men's ceremony was so personalized and really showcased the couple's love story. So many of their guests were moved (I even shed a few tears).

After this, we moved our way to the cocktail hour, in the Innovation Centre, where guests could get their hands on the exhibits and speak to scientists. I have to say it was one of the coolest locations I have ever had the opportunity to plan a wedding. After the cocktail hour was over we moved into the reception space in the "Hot Zone". Later in the night guests were able to explore the AstraZeneca Human Edge exhibit. Some guests were pretending to fly with fake wings, some were exploring the human body, and I, alongside other vendors, were able to practice our dancing skills.

Michaela and Zach's wedding was a blend of love and science, making it a day to remember. Their unique venue choice and heartfelt moments remind us that weddings can happen in the most unexpected places!

Immerse yourself in the magical journey we captured of the couple's enchanting moments of their fairytale wedding on Instagram 💍💖🎉.

From the stunning florals to the mouthwatering cuisine, your talent and dedication brought magic to every moment. Here's a special thank you to everyone behind the scenes!

Officiants - The Marry Men

Catering - Food Dudes

Entertainment - Patryk Wasiak


-Jenna XO


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