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Featured Couple: Jennifer and Matthew

Every wedding has those special details that make it memorable although you always get those specific weddings that are memorable in more ways then one.

This week we are featuring a couple who is not shy to the spotlight, having their 2011 wedding aired on Four Weddings Canada. This was an awesome experience and Envision was so lucky to have been a part of J and M's big day. At one point Kimberly was filmed trying to find the groom for cake cutting (he was no where far just talking to some friends outside). Luckily this did not make the final cut as us planners like to lead where necessary while staying behind the scenes.

Jennifer and Matthew being the incredibly laid back couple they were decided to forego some of the traditional aspects of a wedding - grand entrance and a traditional walk down the aisle being some of those things. They tied together their simple elegant night with a mix of pastel blues and pinks.

No, their wedding did not end up winning but it was beautiful and turned out amazing none the less. As long as the bride and groom are happy so are we.

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who were a part of J and M's special day! This day would not have been what it was without such an amazing team.

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