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Featured Couple: Natalie and Corey

Can budget friendly weddings look beautiful and elegant? Our answer is YES, case and point – Natalie and Corey’s wedding.

This week’s blog focuses on a budget friendly wedding we had the privilege of providing décor and florals for.

Our groom, Corey, was extremely budget conscious so we had to find a way to achieve their vision at a reasonable price. Their wedding was also on a double wedding weekend, so it was an "all hands-on deck" for our team.

Corey and Natalie’s wedding was held at The Warehouse, a beautiful but very sparse space, so we kept the décor and florals were clean and neutral, with little shimmers of copper here and there using our geometric lanterns and mercury vases.

The family of the bride and groom helped out and one of their family members built a lovely copper arch; however, it wasn’t sturdy to hold our flower arrangements – our team was quick to react by strategically placing packing tape weights. Our motto: If there is a problem, there is also solutions! The arch was also decorated with Edison lights to add to the industrial chic look. We now have a similar copper arch for rent, if you’d like to recreate this look.

You can have a beautiful, chic wedding, even on a tight budget!

Thank you to the beautiful couple for allowing us to be part of their special day.

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