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Featured Couple: Cherish and Ryan

In this industry, it’s super important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. People that get you, who you get, and who share the same interests and joys that you share.

I felt that way when I met Cherish and Ryan for the first time. Referred to us by our friends at Fable Studios, I knew right away that we were going to work together famously on their wedding. Especially since, like them, Fable Studios and their crew were also people that we just vibed with easily.

Cherish and Ryan had a great sense of humour, and loved, loved, loved to travel. Cue my immediate interest in their wedding travel theme, and my fascination on how they manage to hit all these gorgeous places all around the world………. On travel points. Like, seriously?! That’s some mad strategy, right there. In fact, as I write this, I’m pretty sure Cherish is in Portugal with friends. GIRL, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.

Of course, their beautiful wedding day was also nothing short of magic, and as their wedding coordinator, I can’t really say there was anything dramatic worthy to tell (as I always scare people with my behind-the-scenes horror stories!). Except for the fact that we had a photographer down the day before the wedding due to a medical emergency - but it was fixed so discreetly and quickly, that it’s hardly worth noting. (PS, pro tip -- make sure that you hire vendors that are skilled enough to do be able to do this!)

What is notable is the fact that they choreographed a dance to surprise their guests, but in a twist of events, it wasn’t a dance for their first dance as husband and wife. They showed off their talents during the party part of the night, and completely blew everyone away (watch their same-day edit below for the “making of”).

Muchos gracias to Andrew and the peeps at Fable for providing these stunning shots, and for Cherish and Ryan for being receptive, open, flexible and trusting -- as any wedding planner would say, the components of being dream clients.

Love to the rest of the vendor team, too:

Floral and Decor - Eternity Floral Design

Harpist - Caroline Debono

Photo Location - Richmond Green Park

And don’t forget to check out the beautiful same-day edit.

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