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Up, Up & Away: Balloons for your Event

I'm sure we all experienced that moment as a kid when we cried or fussed to have our own special balloon right? Whether at a party, a carnival, or even from the clown at the local mall, there was something fun and exciting about having that little string in your hand with a balloon floating above as you skipped away…

...But who would have thought that someday we would experience that same excitement at a wedding???

Although fairly the same make-up as they were years ago, balloons have floated their way back into the social scene in a big, and fabulous type of way! From bridal showers to engagement shoots, from cocktails to reception, and grand-entrances to farewell's - you can incorporate them into all your favourite moments. With all of today's variety offering the classic pearl finish, fun foils, script, and even LED lights, there is something available for every theme imaginable.

Does size really matter?

It’s not a one size fits all world anymore. Tiny, giant, helium filled or not, the variety of sizes are sure to capture your guests attention. Small balloons, big balloons, small balloons inside bigger balloons…(yep! It’s possible!). Whether you are a minimalist or love a crowd, vendors are finding new ways to bring meaning to the term “Size really does matter!”.

Tip: try mixing up sizes to create texture and interest just like you would any other wedding decor

Confetti Funfetti

Who said confetti was only for tables? Why not find a more fun way to ensure they get all over the place - or perhaps stay in one place ( at least for a little while). This is a cheap and cheery upgrade to any balloon.

Tip: make sure the balloons are somewhat translucent so you can see the confetti :) And check with your venue if confetti is allowed (it isn't always!)

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Trade in your old basic string or ribbon for some fun tassels, greenery, or even strips of cool fabric or tulle! You can have fun with colours and textures - keep it classy, add some romance, or glam it up. Having a rustic themed wedding? Why not try some tassels made from vintage lace. Bring the outdoors indoor by adding your favourite florals and greenery. Glam it up with a variety or sparkly chic textures waterfalling from your balloons.

Tip: keep accessories light so your balloons stay afloat

Say it Proud & Loud

Have fun with your message and let your guests have some fun with them too! "I do", "love", " Mr & Mrs" are just some of sweet words that balloons have fallen in love with - we hope you do too! With their popularity on the rise, many vendors offer the opportunity to customize your message and let the world know how you really feel.

Tip: use them in your wedding photo session as props, then later incorporate them back into the party for your guests to also get some great shots!

Lights, drama, action!

If you are a techy or love fairy lights and the above options don't excite you then this new feature might. LED lights ! Bring your colour scheme and modern edge flare to life with this special touch. You can actually place them inside the balloons themselves or even use fairy lights as garlands to string them along as decor. These little lights are sure to create a big impression.

Tip: turn off the lights!

With the unlimited ideas on how to incorporate balloons in all shapes, sizes, themes, and budgets - this classic party accessory isn't going anywhere!

For more ideas on how to incorporate balloons into your wedding check out our Pinterest board!

Happy Planning!

- Dianne

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