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Love Conquers All: Sarah and Andy's Unforgettable Blackout Wedding

When most people hear “Black Out Wedding”, they think more about intoxicated guests… not a loss of full

power at their wedding venue! I want to introduce our lovely couple Sarah and Andy, whose wedding day was on May 21, 2022, at the Terrace Banquet Centre. These two are as real as it gets: loving McDonald's, WWE wrestling, and their cute doggie, Tofu. Their story is one for the books.

Sarah and Andy are anything but ordinary. From their quirky engagement shoot with McDonald's to their WWE-inspired entrance, they made the planning process so fun! I always looked forward to our meetings. But nothing could prepare us for the rollercoaster their wedding day would become.

The morning started smoothly, with Sarah and her bridesmaids prepping for the big day - taking their “getting ready” photos. Sarah had just finished giving out cards and gifts to her bridesmaids, when out of nowhere, the sky turned dark, and the wind picked up. Then all of a sudden the POWER WENT OUT, and a bit of panic ensued however we remained optimistic. The venue was dark for hours due to a massive outage in Vaughan. But did that stop the party? Not a chance.

With no electricity for the essentials, we had to get creative. I will never forget the moment when I stood in front of all of their guests right before the ceremony started to tell them that although the power was out, we were in fact having a wedding today. A small speaker saved the ceremony, and a borrowed generator brought their dream entrance to life, WWE championship belt and all. McDonald's saved the day again when the manager from another location stepped in to fulfill their late-night snack cravings. The wedding guests all remained positive, and everyone kept their spirits up! I am not surprised one bit by the incredible people that they had in attendance. There was so much love in the room.

11:37 pm - a time I will never forget. The power finally returned sparking cheers and lighting up the disco party lights in the reception space (along with the AC). 

Sarah and Andy's wedding wasn't perfect, but it was perfectly them. Their resilience, love, and quirky charm turned what could have been a disaster into an unforgettable adventure. Through it all, Sarah and Andy never lost their cool, reminding us that love conquers all. 

A special thank you to my coordination team, Jessica, and Wendy who were absolute rockstars through it all. I couldn’t have done it without them! Another thank you to our floral and décor team who brought me a much-needed Coca-Cola and made the venue absolutely gorgeous! 

Here's to the happy couple and their unwavering spirit! Wishing you both lots of love, and McDonalds, forever and ever. Cheers Y’all!

A final thank you to the wonderful vendors for helping us with this special one:

Ceremony, Photos, Reception - Terrace Banquet Centre

Photography - Jenny Vu, Jadorevu Photography

Lighting + Audio + DJ - BB Blanc Agreement

Hair/Makeup For Bride - Windy Chiu Makeup + Hair

MC - MC Hennisey, Matthew Henny

Caterer - Grand Catering


- Jenna XO


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