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Couple Feature: Mark & Terry Ann

Never in a million years did I think I would connect on so many levels with another human, let alone two humans and their entire loving family.

Mark and Terry Ann reached out to our team about our services in January of 2023, and on January 10th I had the pleasure of meeting Terry for a consultation, and the vibe was real.

Spoiler Alert: They Hired Me!

In our timeline meeting, Terry Ann halted our conversation to let me know that she is a big believer in energies. (SAME!) She loved mine and was excited to work with someone who ultimately matched her energy. Mark and Terry Ann had a vision for their DIY backyard wedding, and it surrounded their love of all things Movies!

When Mark and Terry Ann came to me, they were determined to DIY EVERYTHING. The two of them are that couple you love to see come together in the movies, who work alongside each other, divide their strengths and conquer the task at hand. Mark built a beautiful geometric archway, built a dance floor, hung all the lights in the backyard and finished all the landscaping with his mom Vaness - all before the big day.

I have to tell you all, Vaness is a powerhouse of a mama, you need anything and she is there. She treated me like part of the family the entire time we worked together on this beautiful wedding.

Terry Ann assembled all of her florals from scratch, not to mention all the table numbers, the welcome sign, wedding favours, and everything in between. Though it was mentioned that sleep is important the night before your wedding, some of these tasks were completed at 3 AM the morning of the wedding. This is a couple who does not quit.

I have to give an honourable shout-out to Terry Ann’s son, Solomon and Mark’s little brother, Carter, who without question assisted me in moving and assembling 100 + candles and tackling any other task I threw their way just to get the job done for their loved ones.

I arrived at Terry Ann’s hotel at 8:00 AM that morning with A&W in hand, and she was ready to take on the day like a champ. Hair and Makeup began and Terry Ann’s friend arrived with the stunning custom-designed wedding dress that she had made. Paired that dress with a gorgeous crown, and we had a GODDESS.


The rest of the day went off without a hitch, and I could not have been happier with how it was all executed.

A note from Terry Ann;

“Haley! We wouldn’t have been able to make that night as magical as it was without all your support! You’re an incredible wedding coordinator! 🙌 You’re an amazing person! 💖"


I feel so much pride in the work and energy I put in when anyone asks me about this wedding. The two of them have a lot of love to give, and they chose to give it to me, to rely on me, and to welcome me in, not only as someone who is working for them but as someone that they trusted and looked forward to seeing and talking to each day. If Terry Ann needed a check-in at 12 AM, I was on the phone calming her down because that's the job, bring my clients back down to earth when they're spiraling over their big day. I have so much love for this wedding and this couple. They were the poster children for seamless, loving clients.

This is a wedding I will talk about until the end of my career.

Love you guys so much!

We're grateful for the great work our vendors do – thank you!

Photography - Fedora Media


Decor Rentals - The Rose Gold Grand Inc


-Haley XO


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