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Love Is In The Air - a Valentine's post

Love is in the air.

As a wedding coordinator I absolutely LOVE love but Valentine's Day and I haven't always had the best relationship. I generally shy away from anything overtly "mushy", I was never really into the whole heart shaped balloon thing. That being said, I am known to write a love letter here and there or buy my S/O their favourite cheesecake when they've had a hard day. I get to see love each and every day all year long, from my couples towards each other, their families and friends that come out to support them. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty and love every day that I sometimes forget not every one experiences it like I do...and that's where Valentine's Day comes in.

This year, I experienced Valentine's Day unlike any other. Not only did I get to spend the 14th coordinating a wedding, but was also invited to a "Galentine's" event. This was an event to celebrate self love and the strong beautiful boss babes around you. Events like these take back Valentine's Day and transform it into something more inclusive. No longer do you have to have an S/O to celebrate love on V-day, whether you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day or hey, even Palentine's Day. Crack open that bottle of Rose Champagne, put your sexy red dress on and have a blast with the people you love the most.

This Valentine's Day, I also chose self love, and I decided I was going to eat that damn cupcake and wear that dress that I might not always feel 100% comfortable in. Because moving forward love day and I are about EVERY kind of love - self love, family love, friend love and last but still not least love for my S/O.

Below are some photo's of the gorgeous ladies that went to the Galentine's event hosted by Dream Weaver Events, as well as some other fabulous members of our team celebrating V-day.

Photography by: You by Mia

Balloons: Vintage Bash

Galentine's Balloons: Belle Noire Events

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