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Featured Couple: Melanie and Nik

Melanie was one of those brides who knew exactly what she wanted, and had planned her wedding since she was a little girl - colour palette picked out, elegant theme selected, the whole nine.

But let’s backtrack. Melanie and I had a funny story on how we met. She had reached out to me by conventional means (i.e. email or website), and I took her call while she was in Nunavut, on assignment as a doctor - also my first time on record talking to someone from Nunavut - and halfway through our conversation, I asked her where she was from. She said she grew up in Mississauga - where I grew up. I asked her which school she went to. She named my high school. I asked her which elementary school she went to. She named my elementary school.

A little perplexed, I looked at her last name and asked if she knew someone named Marlon. And just like that, we realized how small a world it was -- our elder siblings were close friends growing up! And again, only something we discovered while I was talking to her in Nunavut. (!!!)

Our client-planner relationship lasted for about 18 months as we planned their beautiful affair at the Rosewater, this gem of a venue as part of the Liberty group of properties. It was classy and intimate, yet still chic, exactly what she wanted. The colours had to be jewel toned. The church had to be the one she grew up in. There had to be a cheese cake - not to be mistaken with a cheesecake - an actual “cake” of stacked cheeses. The theme to be something along the lines of travel, as both her and Nik spent most of their relationship to date exploring and working all around the world. In fact, just during the planning period alone, I could count probably 4-5 different places where they’ve both ended up, whether short term or long term.

And before we knew it, Melanie and Nik walked down the aisle on an October day with all of their wants and “musts” fulfilled.

Much thanks to Birch and Lace for capturing their day to perfection, and of course, to the rest of the vendor team for helping us bring this childhood dream to life.

Wishing you all the best, Melanie and Nik!


Hair and Makeup - Fiona Man

Invitations - Designed by the bride herself!

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