Preliminary Planning for the Happily Engaged!

So you’re engaged - ZOMG, congratulations!

When you first put that ring on that finger (or when you first popped the question), there was really nothing else that mattered at that given point. On one side, you just want your partner to say “yes”. On the other side, you are just in a state of bliss (or shock… or both!).

So now that you have come down from cloud 9 a little bit, made your announcements to friends and family, and enjoyed the first couple of days of engagement-hood, the questions start to filter in.

“When’s the big day?”

“Have you started planning?”

“Do I need to book off work?”

“Did you ask your bridesmaids/groomsmen yet?”

“Who’s your maid of honour/best man?”

And all you’re thinking is: “Holy moly, slow down!”

While none of these questions are particularly unwarranted, there are ways to control the beginning stages of wedding planning and mitigate all those unwanted questions.

Here are our top 5 tips on venturing into this crazy world of planning:

1. Have a one-on-one conversation with your partner first, above all else. It’s super important to be on the same page from day 1, and with that, you should have a conversation alone with your partner before you share any details of what you might like for your wedding. There will be plenty of time for people to voice their opinions; but what matters first is what you both want, above all else.

2. Only ask trusted family/friends who have been recently married for advice. There will always be opinions flying around about what you should do, where you should go to buy things, which vendors you should book, based on your family/friends previous experiences. In order to get an accurate perspective on the wedding market today, it’s probably best to go to people who have gotten married within the past 2-3 years, as they would probably know more about the recent market and trends. Otherwise, you may be getting some misleading information -- especially about pricing and budgeting! (hello, inflation!)

3. Have a realistic look at your finances. Weddings are expensive! And your budget and cash flow will largely determine whether you will be getting married in the near future or a little further down the line when finances free up a bit. Also, having conversations with parents or family members that want to contribute is a good idea at this stage of planning.

4. Put together a preliminary guest list. Even if it’s just jotting names down on a piece of paper - forget the mailing addresses and emails for now. Your guest list will also determine how big of a budget you need as it is the largest expense.

5. When in doubt - consult professionals! Shameless plug, but this is what we wedding planners do! If you are not even sure where to start or have no idea how to pull off such a large and important event in your life -- find a professional wedding planner and set up a meeting, if only to ask a few questions before figuring out whether or not you need any help throughout the process. Most planners (ourselves included) offer a no-obligation, free preliminary consultation, so this is your chance to get a kickstart in the right direction!

We hope that you got some value from these tips! Oh but wait, there’s one more….

ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT! (there’s no rush to start planning anything, really!)

All the best,


Photo credit: Fady Nada Photography

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