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Featured Couple: Kathryn and Efren

Have you ever bore witness to a love that defies all odds and circumstances?

That’s how I felt when I met Kathryn and Efren for the first time. She was a free spirit. He had a grounded attitude. And both of them had so much heart, I was practically bursting just by being near them. In fact - they had each other’s real heartbeats tattooed to their bodies!

Kathryn and Efren approached me to help them bring together all the remaining pieces of their Toronto Island wedding — at first glance, a simple affair on Wards Island with 160 or so guests overlooking Lake Ontario and a spectacular view of the skyline.

The view was pretty much the only part of the wedding that was expected.

From needing to tailor Kathryn’s dress - originally her mothers - to fit perfectly, to hitting capacity at the Algonquin Island Association Clubhouse due to last minute, to the choppy waters that made the water taxis nearly refuse to deliver the alcohol, to the ice delivery being canceled due to said choppy waters, to the rain on the wedding day…. there wasn’t a whole lot that went according to plan. But that’s what we planners do. We pick it up, we work with it, and we make. Things. Happen.

With the help of an incredibly fit island resident that biked across pounds of ice for us, an adventurous bride and groom willing to say their vows in the rain (and tons of guests who really, really loved them to witness it!), an amazing Mexican catering team, and a sparkler “sendoff” to lead inebriated guests to the ferry docks at the end of the night, the wedding went on. There was tequila. There was a mariachi band. There was even a surprise phone call from the groom's dad from Mexico, broadcasted over the speakers for everyone to hear (and bringing everyone to tears). And after everything, we now have some great stories to tell.

Thank you to Avangard Photography for making the whole event look dry as the desert in the pouring rain, and to all the vendors that pulled up their bootstraps and made this wedding one to remember for some of my favourite clients to date.

Catering: Santo Pecado

Officiant: Sean Hillman for All Seasons Weddings

Hair: Erin Taylor

Makeup: Clare Anderson

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