Creative Place Cards

Place cards are a beautiful and extremely helpful detail to any wedding. Not only does it help your guests find their seats but it can also mess up or tie a table together. This is a little detail that adds a bit more thought to your table. You have to decide whether to put grandma and Auntie Carol together or if your old coworkers will be okay sitting next to your crazy cousin James. If you do choose to go the extra mile it’s nice to have some beautiful ideas to complete your overall look.

This first place card idea is super elegant and beautiful. This is a tiny rectangle of glass, this can be any size or shape you desire (price will vary) with names either written in calligraphy or engraved. This idea is great because it’s not only a stunning place card but the guests can also take this home and keep it as memorabilia of your wedding as it is personalized to each person. This also goes with most wedding colours and styles since it is just glass, the stand or holder it is placed in can change based on the wedding itself.

This second one is incredibly unique, so if you really want to wow your guests this is a good option. This is laser cut calligraphy; it is very modern and definitely different. The best thing about this is your guests can also take this home and use this as a decoration in their house or room. Instead of having to figure out a favour this can double as one saving you cost on buying multiple things. You can get this in multiple colours such as gold, rose gold, silver etc. I would really recommend these for a wedding with rose gold as one of their staple colours.

Want to add a little treat to your guests place cards? Add a chocolate or candy that represents you and your S.O if your favourite chocolate is Lindor find a way to incorporate that into your place card. If you love cake pops get personalized cake pops of you