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Casa Loma Wedding

This year we have had a few weddings at the beautiful Casa Loma in Toronto. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Casa Loma, is a beautiful gothic-style castle that was built in 1914. Today it is a famous historical landmark that attracts people from all over the world. It hosts a variety of events on a regular basis, including weddings!


Beautiful location with a great classic, romantic feel

Plenty of amazing photograph opportunities both inside the castle, outside on the front steps, through the gardens, by the water fountain etc.

Amazing food from Liberty Entertainment Group

Can host both outdoor and indoor events

Can host both your ceremony and reception

Great customer service from management and in-house coordination team


Parking isn’t free, you must pay either a flat rate or get your guests to pay individually per car when they arrive

Logistically it can get complicated, Casa Loma has many tourists flooding it on Saturdays and trying to find guests can be a challenge. Also getting privacy for photographs requires tourists to be held off at certain points, which brings its own challenge

It’s a very popular venue and so it can get quite pricy. You must book fairly far in advance to get your desired day! Though Casa Loma can host a few weddings at the same time.

In the downtown core so traffic is quite heavy around that area, especially during the afternoon on a Saturday.

All in all the Envision Wedding team really enjoys working at Casa Loma, although it can be quite logistically complex, we love a challenge! The beautiful weddings that we plan there make it all worth it in the end.

Happy Planning!


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