Envision Friendor Interview: Tolo Clothier

After many years in this wonderful yet crazy industry we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing vendors. If there is one thing better than a professional vendor, it would have to be a great friendor (Vendor & Friend) !

Our clients always ask “do you have a preferred vendors list?”, “what makes them preferred?”, “ what do they have to offer?”. We reached out to our friends and interviewed them just for you!

Find out how long they have been in business, some advice/tips, and who they are through our “Friendors Blog Series”.

Envision Friendor Interview with Tolo Clothier

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for 7 years

What made you choose this career path?

I have a huge passion for what I do. The lifestyle and the great people I get to work alongside with.

Do you have any laughs or stories to share of your experience working with Kim and her team?

I have met Kim last time I worked on a wedding party that she referred me to. She was pleasent and humble to talk and work with. Very organized and structured in the way she works which helps everyone else involved.

What's your favorite part of being in the wedding industry?

I had the pleasure of suting up a lot of sports athletes and elites client that I have gotten to know over the process.