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Brunch is ALWAYS a Good Idea!

Seriously, who doesn’t like brunch??? Whether you’re a morning person or not, no one would say no to brunch, especially with a celebration! Is a brunch wedding better than traditional evening wedding? Does it require less planning? How should you do it? Let's talk about all of these pertinent details in today's blog about brunch weddings

Hidden Gems for a Brunch Wedding

When it comes to brunch, everyone naturally thinks about the food and drinks. Of course, this is certainly a must-mentioned topic; but first let’s discuss some other hidden benefits that you may not know about having a brunch wedding.


You don’t have to limit yourself on choosing your venue - it could be an outdoor venue, or even a backyard venue. Because of all your options, we'd avoid choosing a standard banquet hall. Bear in mind that a brunch reception would most likely be more casual than an evening reception, so if you’re looking for something super formal and traditional, brunch may not be your thing.


From a budget standpoint, brunch weddings could possibly give you your favourite venue at a cheaper rate. Afternoon weddings are not considered as ‘prime time’ to many vendors including the venue. You could be their A.M. affair, and with the possibility of venues being able to still book another client for their evenings, you may be able to save some money and spend it on other items.

Now the Food....

Brunch is evidently a combination of breakfast and lunch, topped off with a glass of mimosa! Weddings itself are customized celebrations of the couple, so you can customize your brunch however way you want.


Brunch weddings normally starts with an early ceremony, so don’t have your guests hungry and sleepy! Set up a coffee or tea bar, and some morning snacks for them to hold on during the wait to begin the ceremony.


Food serving styles can be varied according to how casual or formal you would like it to be. It can be a set menu or buffet style (which is more popular) - and who doesn’t like buffet? Guests love to pick what they want, you can have a cereal bar or an omelette station, and people will love going station to station which will maintain interactiveness. Food items can be smaller in size and portions and lighter in flavours as it’s still early in the day.

Brunch receptions also focuses heavily on food presentation and display too, as it is considered a part of wedding design, so make it attractive! Have a champagne tower, bring out the light, airy, pastel colours and get a talented calligrapher to make signs for all the food stations.


The mimosa - a signature brunch drink - can come after coffee and tea - or simultaneously if you choose. Serve some light alcohol to celebrate your big day, with your wedding cake as a dessert after the heavier food items. Many couples love to have a donut tower, waffle stacks, or a ‘naked-cake’ instead of a traditional wedding cake.


Since this is not a traditional method of hosting a wedding celebration, make sure you guests are comfortable with its timeline, especially with your family members and VIPs. They may be expecting dancing, or open bar, items that are usually expected for an evening reception.

And because you have the rest of the day free, you should consider planning a post-celebration with the closer family and friends (or just family and bridal party) at a local restaurant or bar, after your wedding portaits in the gorgeous daylight.

Don’t limit yourself on your wedding ideas, whether it's daytime or nighttime - the point is to make it your style and memorable!

Have fun planning and celebrating!


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