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Trending Cakes for 2017

Did you know that the traditional wedding cake was actually not a cake?

Although history has taken many twists on the classic 3-tiered cake, one of the first acts of this tradition began in Ancient Rome when someone would break a loaf of bread over the couple to symbolize “good fortune”.

Well, move over bread, hello sugar and flavour! We have sure come along sweet way from the romans day (no offence, bread!). Centuries ago sugar was a luxury ingredient which explains the bread. Slowly, honey, cinnamon and eventually sugar were added. Although sugar is in abundance today, there is a wide variety - both sweet & savoury to satisfy everyone. The main entree used to be the highlight of the evening when it came to food, but with culture fusion, food snobs on the rise, and the need to be unique - cakes are hot, hot, hot! Let’s take a look at all the trends in store for this wedding season.

Black Icing / Fondant Cakes

It could be the simple fact that it rebels against the traditional white cake, or if maybe you are a fan of the chalkboard look, then this is for you. Black is not the first colour most couples think of when designing their wedding, but with the right design, this dark trend is sharp, edgy, and fresh.

Metallic Cakes

Gold, rose gold, platinum, sequin, diamond dust, gold leaf, and so on, the variety of this luxe finish has exploded into a rainbow of metallic beauties. A delicate approach has been taken, these metals aren’t as harsh or defined as they were in the early 90’s. Instead shades of coppers, rose golds, brass, frost, and pearls are making their way into overall wedding themes, and now onto your plate!

Naked Cakes

Okay so maybe it’s just me, but I actually love the cake part way more than the icing itself. So when this trend came across my plate - I thought “cake fairies really do exist”. This trend is all about the cake and the beauty of minimalism. That being said, brides are accessorizing these naked cakes with other beautiful and natural elements such as sugared fruits, greenery, and drizzled chocolates.

Painted / Illustrated Cakes

These are the cakes that tell a story, of your vision, your design, or even your vows. This design is usually (and hopefully) hand crafted which is what makes this trend so captivating. Consider it an edible canvas!

Geometric Cakes

Geometric decor and themes have come back in a chic and contemporary way. This is for the couple that is looking for some “structure” in their design, for modern flare. It’s not necessarily the shape of the cake as much as it is the design.

Marble Cakes

This is probably one of thee most popular trends of the season yet. This style is being mirrored in every single wedding aspect imaginable. Marbling has become soft, seamless, and a true work of art. A new take is incorporating other trends such as metallics and incorporating them together.

Cheese Rounds

Because… who doesn’t love cheese!

No matter how you cut your cake, what flavour you like, or how many tiers you dream of - all of these trends are sure to look as fabulous as they taste!

Check out more inspiration from our Pinterest board on amazingly designed cakes!

Happy Planning,


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