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Top Registry Items You'll Actually Use

When I was planning my wedding over 5 years ago (!!! Where did the time go?), I remember thinking to myself that I already had a million items in the house I already shared with my soon-to-be husband.

But then came the bridal shower, where everyone was asking us, "What do you need?" and "Where are you registered?" - all of which I subsequently answered with, "Uhhhhhhh........."

If you fall in the same category as I did - as someone that already had built a home life with my partner prior to saying "I do", and went through the whole housewarming thing, then here are some tips on requesting or registering for items that actually would deem useful. It'll save you from getting another 25-piece pots-and-pans set to your already mounding collection.

1. A honeymoon registry. When I discovered that local travel partners were starting to allow their customers to create a "honey fund", all bets were off! Oftentimes, couples forget about the planning of the honeymoon or put it off to a later date due to the lack of funds, which is where the honey fund would definitely help. Although local agencies like Flight Centre can create something for you, online sites like the HoneyFund or Wanderable is a little more straightforward and allows the guests to truly feel like they are contributing to your adventure with your new spouse.

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2. Upgrades to existing items. Look around your place and see what you wish you could upgrade. Perhaps instead of your standard stick vacuum that was passed down to you from Mom, you'd really like a Dyson ball or a Roomba robot. Registry items don't necessarily have to be several small things, but rather can be a few larger items that several individuals can pool towards. So, go for that Sealy Posturepedic Memory Foam mattress that you've always wanted, or Creuset Dutch oven that you couldn't bring yourself to buy!

3. Recurring items. The best thing about big name stores like The Bay is that you can register for things outside of the kitchen or living room. That's when I looked in my bathroom for things that I thought I'd might run out of. Then in came the Shiseido face cleanser system, and it was eligible! I was already using it, and it saved me several hundred dollars - especially when I asked for multiple sets. Be creative with the items that you register for!

4. Gift certificates to date nights. Being part of a marriage means that sometimes you need a break from real life to treat yourself. So why not ask your community to help with that? Ask for gift certificates to the movies, to romantic restaurants, to a spa, or to an adventurous experience like ziplining or skydiving - experiences that you will remember for years to come and will strengthen the marriage throughout time. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

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5. Gift certificates to home services. In relation to #4, getting an extra hand around your first couple years of marriage also sweetens the experience. Ask for gift certificates to a maid service to come every so often to do a deep clean, or a personal chef to prepare your 1-year anniversary meal. Once again, the experiences create the memories.

6. Classes for life skills. Let's face it - a lot of us had to learn to live with their partner, be a wife or husband and "adult", as it's been aptly put. Instead of getting a pretty vase to put flowers in, why not ask for someone to buy you or your partner a sewing or cooking class or an online home finance course? Or even a beginner's session to couples yoga to strengthen you in mind, body, and spirit. Although the classes themselves cost money, it's the skills that money can't buy!

(P.S. Websites like Zola let's you create all-in-one registries, which combines experiences, items and honeymoon funds!)

With society becoming more and more invested in physical things, we hope that you are mindful of the items requested and receive items that are truly contributions to your marriage!


CEO + Principal Event Specialist

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