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Entertaining Ideas

It's a new year! And with a new year, comes new ideas to jazz up your wedding reception.

One of the main concerns a bride and groom has is whether their wedding entertainment will be something guests will talk about for weeks or if it was just good. Besides the ceremony and food, great entertainment can differentiate your wedding with any wedding whether it is in Toronto, Mississauga or outside of Canada. These days, “good” is a word that no wedding couple wants to hear. Adjectives such as “the best”, “amazeballs” and “wonderful” are words all couples want to hear and even see on social media.

So, if you are looking for exhilarating and awe-inspiring entertainment ideas for that extremely long cocktail hour or to fill in the gaps between dinner courses, look no further! Here are a few crème de la crème ideas to include in your wedding planning and to elevate your wedding entertainment from meh to WOW exclamation mark!


Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

You can’t really go wrong with games. Games are great for kids and adults. Carnival games are always and exciting as you can get guests to compete against one another such as the Ring Toss, or Tic-Tac-Toe. Life size games can up the entertainment factor.

When was the last time you have seen a life sized Scrabble Board with life size letter tiles, or a giant Jenga?

Baby Animals

These days, weddings are becoming more and more like a spectacle. And why not? Weddings can incorporate some originality and personality. Taking a note from one of the episodes from “Four Weddings”, a wedding couple invited some furry and reptilian baby guests (just make sure people aren't queasy at the idea!). The trainers would be stationed in certain areas and the wedding guests would pet and learn fun facts about these animals. This cocktail hour was filled with “Oooo” and “Awws”.

Photo credit: Animal Zoo

Guestbook Fun

Have your guests come up with unique and interesting comments for your guestbook. Provide a certain theme such as date ideas, fun nicknames for the wedding couple or what should the name of the first child be? Not only will your guests be having an amusing time, you would also be laughing at the wittiness when it comes the time to read your guestbook.

Photo credit: Indulgy

DIY Food

When it comes to food, the line is always the longest when there is a do it yourself station. Who doesn’t like creating your ice cream, cupcake, or burger? And to add another creative idea, why not make it into a contest with other guests, take photos with your creation and at the end of the night, the winner wins a prize?