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Why a Winter Wedding?

Tomorrow marks the first day of winter and for many people this signifies frigid temperatures, the anticipation of not so wonderful weather and the countdown of another year. For myself however, this time of year equals to less stressful wedding planning. Don't believe me? Here are a few reasons why winter weddings are a perfect choice when deciding when your wedding day will take place.

Cost Savings

The most obvious reason is that it is going to save you money and in turn make your planning easier. There is less competition on booking venues as most couples tend to get married during the warmer seasons and this allows popular venues to now be available. Winter is considered the off season for weddings and ost all vendors are likely to offer discounts and negotiate as their in a slower season. However as always doing your research is recommended when trying to get the best deal. Another cost saving reason is that at the end of wedding season brides and bridesmaids can purchase their dresses on sale.


Planning your wedding day near a big holiday such as Christmas, New Year's or Valentine’s Day gives you a better chance to use the venue decor. Venues usually have decoration in place and it's just a matter of adding to it to make it your own. Speaking of decor, the winter weather is a natural setting for beautiful photographs. There are so any great photo opportunities for winter weddings but just make sure your wedding is early enough so you can make the most out of the natural sunlight. Remember when the sun shines the snow sparkles.

Fewer Can Be Better

If you prefer to have fewer guests, winter weddings are best for creating cozy and intimate settings. The warmth of a fireplace and ambiance of scented candles is a great way to build on the intimate factor. Instead of going with elaborate centerpieces, embellish your tabletops with garlands of greenery and more candles.

Sunny Getaway

So the wedding is over and it's time to look forward to your honeymoon. What better moment to say goodbye to the snow and the long johns and say hello to palm trees and bathing suits. The winter season is the ultimate time to getaway and enjoy the heat.

Hopefully I’ve changed some minds and you’ll now consider opting for a winter wedding. Just keep this in mind your wedding will stand out and always be remembered by your guests. And don’t forgot it gives the bride and groom more reason to cuddle up together.

Happy Planning!

- Andriea

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