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Featured Wedding: Debbie + Colin

Sound the alarm! Last year's wedding in the Distillery District was nothing short of breathtaking, especially since they were for 2 of Toronto's finest!

Debbie and Colin were both part of the Toronto Police Force, and you better believe there were also several of their coworkers also present at this siren-blazing affair.

All (cop) jokes aside, the wedding itself was bold and elegant, starting with photos at the King Edward Hotel, followed by the first look in the Distillery, and finishing off with their ceremony and reception at the Thompson Landry Gallery.

We want to thank the entire staff at Thompson Landry Events and Catertrendz for their great work, as well as Travis Wood for his awesome eye for photography.

And of course, the other vendors:

Hairstyling: P&H Salon

Ceremony Musicians: Duo D'Amore

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