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Tips for a Great Proposal

Know anyone that’s got engaged recently? Well, if you don't I’m sure you will soon. If you haven't already heard, “engagement season” began a few weeks ago and will be around for the next few months. So now you know it's the perfect time and you finally decided that he or she is the one, you're ready to pop the question. All that is left now is to think of how you want to propose. NO PRESSURE. Asking someone to marry you is just as important as the day you get married. With this in mind keep reading for romantic, one of a kind, perfect proposal ideas that you will be proud to share and one that will hopefully score you brownie points!

Use Your Family & Friends

Proposals can be between just the two of you, but if your family and friends are a major part of your life, it may be important to have their involvement.

- Take him or her to a place where it brings back memories of family gatherings or their childhood. Have family and friends waiting in the distance while you ask for their hand in marriage. Once you place the ring on their finger, have family and friends walk over prepared for a post engagement party.

- Maybe you already have children together before tying the knot. Get your child or children involved by printing custom made shirts with the phrase “will you marry my daddy?” or placing a wedding ring on the toe of your baby.

Be Unique

- Don’t want to be traditional and get down on one knee? Try gathering some fun props and visit the mall’s photo booth. Have the ring ready and capture your proposal on film. Pull out a bridal veil as the last prop.

- Use the world of social media to help with your proposal. Create a YouTube video and invite your loved one to view it. Let you video do the talking for you.


Use your creativity and create a proposal that requires a little bit of writing but not on paper.

- Maybe you're in the middle of repainting your walls or you just purchased a home together. Surprise him or her with writing love letters on the walls and drawing a yes and no square and handing him or her the paintbrush.

- Plan a picnic in the park purposely setting up near a tree that you previously carved a message on to. Be playful and suggest carving both of your initials onto the trunk of the tree. Your soon to be bride or groom will be happily surprised to read your sweet message.

I hope these ideas inspire you but no matter how you decide to propose make sure it's heartfelt and sincere.

Now go get'em! :)

- Andriea

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