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An Eco-Friendly Wedding

For today’s brides it’s so easy to get so caught up in the planning process, and sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture. Everyone wants bigger, better and more! The whirlwind of wedding planning often leaves the bride and groom forgetting about what happens after the wedding day is all said and done.

The average wedding produces 400-600 Lbs of garbage and 66 tons of carbon dioxide. In just a day, a wedding can produce waste equivalent to that of 4-5 people in an entire year. The wedding industry is a wasteful industry to say the least. It is important to try and fit in environmentally friendly practices leading up to the wedding, the day of the wedding and afterwards as well. Here are some idea to help you get started!

Use The Internet

A really creative way to build anticipation and excitement on your wedding day is to create a website of yourself and your groom or bride to be. There are tons of user-friendly website platforms that allow you to customize and tailor to your liking. You can add photos, videos, and perhaps most importantly, wedding day information! If there are any last minute changes to your wedding day schedule, having everything available online makes it really simply to adjust times and itineraries accordingly.

You can also send out electronic invites and save a lot of paper and money. This is a very timely solution as well, as it eliminates the chance of invites or RSVPs getting lost in the mail and speeds up receiving times of replies so you can plan your wedding more efficiently.

Usable Wedding Favours

Pretty display favours such as figurines or teacups are usually just that…. Pretty, but often are not used and are left to collect dust on shelves and countertops. Giving your guests something that they can use increases that chances that they will in fact use your favours and that they will not go to waste. A really great idea is to make little planters for your guests of flowers, herbs, or baby trees, that they can plant in their garden or nurture on the kitchen window sill.

A DIY edible wedding favour is another super thoughtful idea. You could bake some tarts, but dry brownie batter ingredients in a jar or make some homemade jam! These are really fun and low cost ways to impress your guests and make them feel really appreciated.

Recycle Your Centerpieces

Floral centerpieces are stunning and there is hardly a wedding that happens without some sort of floral decor. But what happens to these arrangements after the wedding is over? Sometimes guests will take them home, but more often than not they are disposed of in the trash. It is worth looking into a few companies that travel to wedding venues during event teardown and collect all these arrangements to recycle them. The next day they take them to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Old-Age Homes etc. where the flowers can be enjoyed for a few more days by some new people.

Stay tuned for the Envision Floral Studio's recycle program, coming in 2017!

Happy planning!


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