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Don’t Shy Away From Colour On Your Wedding Day

Be Fresh … Be Bold … Be Unique!

It can be difficult to come up with a unique colour scheme for your wedding day. Seasonal colour trends are so hard to resist, so how can you get what you want while making your wedding decor unique?

Tasteful and thoughtfully placed pops of colour throughout your wedding decor, attire and colour scheme can really add some life and flair to your wedding and really personalize the experience for your guests.

Here are some fun ways to add a little colour!


This may seem an obvious one at first, but think about the effect a carefully chosen vibrant flower can have on your bouquet or table centerpieces. A good floral designer will be able to successfully draw attention to a particular floral colour, without having it in overwhelming numbers. The bouquets in the photo below illustrate this effect well.

Photo Booth or Headtable Backdrop:

Instead of opting for the plain white, black or grey background, why not add some funky designs and colours. DIY backdrops are super easy to do and can have great impact at your wedding. Checkout this blue and white dip-dye ombre backdrop!

Wedding Cake:

The wedding drip cake trend has taken off recently. It’s quite the leap from your traditional white wedding cake and sugar flowers. However, such a bold and statement piece will quickly become the conversation piece of the entire evening.

The Wedding Dress:

For some people straying away from a traditional white wedding dress is a big no no. How about keeping the dress white, but adding bright coloured tool underneath it? It’s a beautiful and unexpected surprise when the bride lifts her dress only to reveal a splash of colour.

PS. The photographers will really enjoy this!


The groom’s bowtie... the bride’s shoes… firetruck-red lipstick… the list goes on! There are countless fun little knick knacks and accessories that the groom and bride can wear, coordinate or mix and match.

Find your inspiration and get creative!

Happy Planning

- Cassandra

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