Team Bio: Alexa Grimes

Next up on our series of team spotlights is our newest Senior Event Specialist, Alexa Grimes! Alexa is a graduate of our popular event management internship program from 2014, and after taking a year off to assist her boyfriend's escalating screenprinting business, has returned to her true passion of event planning and design. We asked her some pertinent questions about her experience with Envision Weddings, and event planning as a whole.

What has been your most memorable event planning experience to date?

Timing is everything! But when you don't have much of it, then it can be challenging. I remember Kim telling me that we got a new client (full plan contract) for September. Meanwhile it's mid-July and we have to execute this wedding in a matter of 6 weeks and counting. At first, I thought she was kidding and then reality set in and plans were set in motion (major twist, the couple was from China and only in Toronto for 3 weeks). My role was to set up vendor meetings for the couple to pick everything from the venue, floral, cake, DJ etc. Within the first week, the couple had 15 hour days, meeting with over 40 vendors in one week. I would like to say that this was my labour of love (sweat & tears) and everything on the day went off without a hitch! When I think things are getting touch, I always think back to this one experience and I remind myself that anything is possible!

What is your favourite unique wedding detail?

My favourite unique wedding detail had to be from Nasreene & Arek's wedding. The beautiful bride wrote a personalized hand written note to each and every guests in attendance. As guests got seated, their handwritten notes were waiting for them on their place setting, ready to be received! I love all the personal touches and as a guest I would 100% appreciate this detail. So personalized, so thoughtful and so special!

What is the most challenging aspect of planning, in your experience?

Planning my own wedding has really been a challenge for me. Before getting engaged, I would always imagine my perfect wedding with everything going smoothly, and with an army of support. It is a complete 360 degree experience from planning a client's wedding to planning your own. There are a lot more family dynamics involved, money being spent, and opinions being heard. I think that most of my family and friends assumed because I work in the wedding industry and I would be fine planning everything. I am only one person and there is only so much I can do by myself. Lesson learned, always ask for help, especially when its offered to you!

During the planning process, my experience has had its pros and cons and has taught me a lot about myself which I can use as a constructive learning experience in my career as a wedding coordinator. I believe now, that I can relate more to my clients, and all the crazy things that happen during this exciting time. My wedding is less than 7 weeks away (my "bridezilla mode" is in full force) and one thing's for sure: this will be my first and last wedding/marriage. My fiance has been my rock throughout this whole experience and I would not want to go through this crazy ride with anyone else.

What's your favourite colour palette?

Fall is my favourite season. The air gets crisp, the trees start to change, and its always a great excuse to break out that perfect sweater and scarf combo. With that said, the perfect fall palette includes: Rich reds, dried orange, tired yellows, and organic greens.