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Involving Your Fiance(e)

Anyone who knows anything about planning a wedding, knows that it takes a lot of preparation, time and decision making skills. Not all engaged couples think alike or have the same relationship dynamics and this goes the same for their roles in planning their special day.

Usually one partner would love to take the lead in making all the wedding decisions from the choice of attire, menu selection and wedding favours. But I think we should all feel confident in our soon to be lifelong partners to help in creating our visions for a beautiful day a reality. We don't all welcome the idea of taking part of the wedding planning process but here are a few ways you can get your partner to alleviate the stresses of wedding planning and also do it in a way in which she or he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

1. Deciding the Entertainment

Does your partner have a passion for music? Let them collaborate with the DJ in creating a music playlist of songs both of you would like to hear or what s/he thinks the guests would enjoy. Or better yet, give your partner the chance to book a live band. Maybe s/he's tech savvy. Include them on deciding your audio visual component of the reception by letting your partner create your personal video slideshow.

2. Through their Belly

Food and beverages are a major part of a wedding and one thing we all enjoy is a great meal and drink. When it comes time to decide on your wine and bar menu, have your partner create a signature cocktail that will please the palates of your guests. Let your partner choose the microbrews for the reception. Or try having him or her host a wine tasting party for a few of your close family and friends.

3. Emotional Connection

Nowadays when couples think of their gift registries they are deciding on more non-traditional gift items. Let your partner pick out a flat screen television, art work or register for power tools that you will need for your new home. Why not give him or her the responsibility of researching honeymoon destinations? A surprise vacation to a place where your partner personally chose for the two of you may be the perfect personal touch.

4. Play Into Their Strengths

Is your partner a good negotiator? Or maybe a good businessperson. Give your partner the opportunity to deal with the vendors and put negotiating skills to work. Have him or her research competitors and make a list of comparable prices. S/he will feel proud when s/he scores a great deal and you’ll feel satisfied knowing that you’re saving money. Or, maybe s/he is meticulous with numbers and details. Have your partner handle all the finances, budgeting and reviewing contracts, so s/he feels invested in the planning.

If all fails and your fiance(e) really is not into any of the wedding planning details and decision making, ask for help. Encourage their input and show that their opinion matters. Let them know you can’t do it without them.

Simply involve them in the details you know he or she would have fun with. Use these suggestions for how your other half can take part in this wedding production and trust me, both of you will feel less stressed and will enjoy the moments leading up to your wedding day.

It takes two to tango!

Happy Planning,


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