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The Social Media Savvy Bride

From the second the question is popped, there are many moments that you wish to share with your friends and family - and in our current world there are many ways to do so! Social Media can be a bride’s best friend or a very confusing world, and we are here to break down some of the do’s and dont’s of social media for you.

DO Make an Engagement Post

Making an engagement post has become the norm, with 73% of brides today making some form of an announcement over social media. You can make a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or all of the above! Usually the post is of the ring, or proposal with some form of context about how he popped the question.

DON’T Make an Engagement Post before Telling Close Family and Friends

While we definitely recommend making a fun engagement post on social media, be sure to share your engagement news with close friends and family BEFORE you announce it to your general social network. Traditionally it is your immediate family that knows first, you should also share the news with children (if you have any), and other family members first. This can avoid the possibility of any hurt feelings.

DO Use Pinterest for Wedding Inspiration

Pinterest is a great way to browse thousands of ideas for decor, food, attire, flowers, you name it. This social media platform allows you to create a virtual inspiration board(s) that can be shared with others and have collaborators to also help pin ideas. Pinterest also is a great way to discover potential vendors and shops.

DO Create a Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a great addition to the social media savvy bride. Websites not only provide you the opportunity to create a beautiful sneak peak into the theme and vibe that guests can expect at your wedding, but it is also a hub where all information regarding the wedding can be found! Wedding websites hold the answers to all the questions that a bride does not want to be bothered with time and time again.

Wedding websites can include links to all of your other social media pages, provide travel details (directions and accommodations), a wedding timeline, some engagement photos, who the wedding party is, and links to your registries.

DO Keep it Traditional With Some Things

While a website is a great hub to share information, try and keep some traditional components! Still send out Save-the-dates, Invitations, and Thank you cards. These are nice mementos of your wedding, and some family members may not be as tech savvy as you think.

DO Have a Custom Hashtag (and share it early!)

A social media savvy bride should consider creating a custom hashtag for the big day. Having a hashtag that all guests can use