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Featured Wedding: Diana + Kacper

When Diana sat in my living room and spoke to me passionately about her upcoming wedding in August, I just knew that we were going to work really well together.

Not only was she going to be married to her high school sweetheart, but they were going to have their wedding at the beautiful Liberty Grand grounds, on the opening weekend of the Ex and with multiple culturally significant traditions happening throughout the day.

Despite a slight hiccup that we had with the church (it was resolved several months prior to the big day, thankfully!), this wedding was one of our favourites to coordinate -- not only because it was action packed and never a dull moment, but because the bride and groom were some of the sweetest people we've ever worked with!

Thanks so much to Dia Saleh and Brett Ida for the great shots. And to the staff at Liberty Grand for their tremendous service.

And not to mention, the rest of the vendors:

High Society Events

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