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Trash the Dress Photoshoots

A wedding dress is said to be the most important dress a girl is going to wear, but what a bride chooses to do with the dress after the big day is over is what we are interested in. While many brides keep their gown safely stored away, many are deciding to carelessly wear their dress for a photoshoot that ultimately “trashes” the dress. These photoshoots are taken anytime after the wedding celebrations are done, and they can get pretty creative.

Trashing the dress can range from minor activities such as sitting in the grass and risking a grass stain to extremes of jumping in water or mud. Dresses can be trashed by being wet, dirty, or even teared, the options are endless.The best part of this photoshoot is that it is totally up to the bride to do what makes her feel comfortable and enjoyable. That being said, is the dress going to be ruined? The answer is, you guessed it, it depends on what the bride wants.

These photoshoots also can involve more than just the bride! Trashing the dress can include the bridal party, the groom, family members, or pets. The options are endless for what can be included in the photoshoot.

So why would a bride wish to trash her wedding dress? There are many reasons. For starters, the bride gets to wear the dress for a second time, and this time she can be careless and does not have to worry about spills, or stains etc. This can be very liberating and a fun experience. A bride may simply decide she wants to have some fun and trash the dress rather than have it sit untouched. The decision to trash the dress could also be to create and capture unique moments.

These trash the dress photoshoots often produce amazing images, as long as the bride is having a great time, and the photographer knows exactly what is wanted out of the photoshoot. The end result can range from funny to dramatic, to magical images depending on the vibe the bride wants.

All that being said, check out some of these awesome trash-the-dress for some inspiration.

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