Featured Wedding: Mirudu + Dominic

When this fiery Sri-Lankan bride contacted me sometime last May and said, "Look, we have 2 months to plan our wedding and we need a venue!" I immediately didn't blink an eye and drummed up my long list of contacts of venues that would be able to execute at the last minute.

Lo and behold, 48 hours later, they had secured a venue and our services for the wedding day.

This wedding is more of a labour of love, not only because the bride and groom come from polar opposite cultures (he's Swiss) but also because I've known Mirudu since we were fresh, doe-eyed 16-year-olds working at our first jobs at Burger King and ready to take on the world (okay, more like ready to earn some miniscule cash from flipping burgers).

The Swiss-Lankan wedding (as they aptly put it!) was held at Milton Banquet Centre, and had not one, but 2 ceremonies, and a bountiful reception for 300. Under the solid direction of my senior coordinator, Valary, the day went off without a hitch, and these pictures are nothing short of amazing. Thanks to Captured Memories Productions for the shots!

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