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5 Beautiful In-Season Blooms for your Spring Wedding

It’s no secret that florals have become a big part of the wedding industry; when deciding on a time of year to marry their beau, more than a few brides have been swayed by the colours of the seasonal flowers that will most likely populate their ceremony and reception. If you’re like me, and you love a rich variety, then you’re in luck because not only is spring the beginning of wedding season, but also the season that offers the most choice when it comes to seasonal blooms.

With that in mind, if you haven’t dreamt of your bouquet since you were a little girl, the variety of flower options available to a spring bride can be somewhat overwhelming. So here to inspire you, and maybe even clear your head, are: 5 Beautiful Blooms for a Spring Wedding!


Photo courtesy of Kasiam/iStock/Thinkstock

It’s no surprise that peonies are one of the more popular flowers with brides. Typically blooming in late spring and coming in an array of colors, from red to white or yellow, peonies are a fluffy, large, beautiful, fragrant choice for a hero flower mixed with some filler options, or to make up an entire, understated yet incredibly elegant, bouquet.


Our Principal Event Specialist, Kimberly, at her May wedding with burgundy callas - Photo courtesy of Jenny Photography

If your budget allows for it, calla lilies are a spring flower that scream sophistication. Commonly seen in whites and deep purples, callas can be used on their own to create a sleek and modern statement, or paired with other flowers they can create of a point of interest in a more traditional floral look.


Lilacs are beautiful and incredibly sweet-smelling flowers that bloom in early spring. Typically seen in a soft purple, but available in a range from white to dark purple, their blooms feature many small petals and are commonly used as a ‘filler’ with other hero flowers. A bouquet of Lilacs on their own can create a beautiful

rustic look for the whimsical and romantic bride; try mixing colour varieties to add interest and dimension.


Perhaps the single flower most commonly associated with spring, tulips are a picturesque option for the bride that truly wants to embrace her seasonal nuptials. Tulips can be ordered in virtually every colour and combination imaginable and can look minimalistic and understated when used on their own, or bold and bountiful when paired with almost any other spring flower- from peonies to sweet peas.


Photo Credit: Hedge Row Rose

Sweet Pea, like Lilac, has smaller petals and more blooms per stem, but with the interest of a Calla Lily. Sweet Pea is the flower that, I think, most resembles a watercolour painting, and manages to be romantic and graceful as well as complicated and stylish. Sweet Pea, not unlike Tulips, are incredibly versatile- they can be used on their own as a more modern and less rustic alternative to an all Lilac bouquet, paired with larger blooms as a dramatic ‘filler’ flower, or even paired with something sweet and simple, like Lilac or baby’s breath, to be highlighted as the hero flower.


Whatever flower you end up choosing, just make sure that it reflects your style and taste, and within your budget! Bringing photos to your design appointment with your florist will determine the perfect in-season floral for your wedding and good floral designers will be able to drum up something that will suit you the best.

Happy Planning,


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