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Wedding Colours Brainstorm

Choosing wedding colours seem quite simple when brides and grooms already know what

colours they want. However, it can still be a little daunting, as these wedding colours will set the

mood and stage for the entire look and feel. Not to mention, they will be forever documented in

your wedding album, site and photos. No pressure! 

But here are a few tips and brainstorming ideas to help you push through those obstacles and to

narrow down the colour or colours of your dream wedding.

1. Consider your wedding date

Your wedding day may have a huge impact on your colour choices. Living in Canada, we are

blessed with four seasons, and these seasons have their specific seasonal colour palettes. Select a

season and you may narrow down to a few colour options you like in that seasonal palette.

2. Venue

The venue of your choice will also guide you to choosing your wedding colours. The general

look and feel of the building and its interior and exterior environments such as the walls, carpets

or flooring, decorations, and landscape will help to inspire your colour choices or compete with

your colour choices. If that happens, there is nothing wrong having slightly different colour

schemes for your different venues. Use the same colour to tie in both venues.

Here is an example from our spring wedding featuring Roselie and Michael. The colours were

the warm neutral whites, pink and coral pastels along with soft blues. These colours went very

well with the venue’s interior space and exterior environment.

3. Take inspiration from nature

I believe flowers are one of the best go to things in nature to gain colour inspiration. You can get

many different colour combinations that you have never thought about putting together. Also,

these colours will not clash as they are found in nature! If there are too many colours to select

from, choose a main dominant colour and a couple of secondary colours to accent. The

dominant colour can be bolder and brighter where the secondary colours can be a little more

subdued and softer.

4. Variations of colour

If you have one colour in mind and you are not sure if you want to add another colour, you may

explore the different shades and tints of that colour. Go lighter or go darker! One of the best

ways to figure the best colour for you is to think of how you would decorate your own home.

Grab those paint chips from a hardware store and mix and match what you like!

5. Set the mood

Your colour choice also relates to the mood of your wedding. Think of a few adjectives you

want your wedding to feel like and then associate those words with colours. For example, an

earthy and fresh wedding may consists mainly of greens and earth tone colours, whereas a rich

and luxurious wedding may consists of purples, golds and silver colours.

6. Draw from personal interests or objects

Colour inspirations do not need to come from nature or from feel. Maybe there is something you

love like a piece of clothing, object, or movie. You can use those colours and create your

wedding colour scheme.

For example, here is an article from the Huffington Post on a couple’s wedding theme based

from The Little Mermaid movie. Their colours were inspired by The Little Mermaid colours

such as the bold red, soft corals, and different kinds of blues.

Credit: Mark Brooke Photography & Mathieu Photo

There are many ways to choose a colour scheme that works! There is no wrong or right way of

selecting colours. But these are a few ideas to help narrow down your dream colour or colours

for your dream wedding.

Happy Choosing! Happy Wedding!

- Bonnie

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