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A Lesson on Valentine's Day

Wedding planning can be a long process and can get a little hectic here and there. There are many aspects of wedding planning, such as florals, venue, and photography to name a few. Not to mention, work, family, and other priorities and responsibilities. Although, I am talking about your BIG DAYS, there is no reason not to take a few breaks to enjoy some quality time with your significant other, minus the wedding planning.

With today’s busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to think or do something special for your significant other even on a daily basis, let alone plan a Valentine’s Day date! But there are many ways! Let us take a lesson from Valentine’s Day, and let us take the time to love each other, and place that wedding planning on the back burner for a few hours. Therefore, if time gets the best of us, here are a couple of ways to show your significant other that you are thinking about them. Not to mention, these moments can be excellent memories to document for your wedding day!

1. Post-It Love Notes

Post-It notes are great for every household. If you wake up first, grab some Post-It notes, write sweet messages, and leave them around the room where he/she will see it. For example, the bathroom mirror is a great place to stick these notes. Take one step further and create a heart for Valentine’s Day.

2. Little Gestures

Make gestures or do something that you have not done in a while such as creating breakfast or have lunch ready for your significant other before he/she steps out of the door. Or when one comes home late from a long day and there is no time to eat out or cook, grab your favourite take out, turn off all the lights, and set out some candles around the table or floor.

3. Create Valentine's Day cards!

Spend an hour or so with your SO making valentine cards for each other, expressing and appreciating this time with each other. Afterwards, read them to each other.

4. Recreate Old Memories

Recreate those moments that made each other smile or laugh. Bring back something nostalgic such as recreating your first date, or multiple dates into one. Talk and spend time looking back at the pictures of previous dates!

5. No electronics!

No Phones/Computers/Tablets!Step away from the electronics and spend the quality time with each other.

6. The Vow

Or even taking a note from the movie “The Vow”, grab a box filled with an assortment of chocolates and taste each one without knowing which flavour is which.

7. Star Gazing

If the night is not too chilling, spend a while outside gazing at the stars with a warm blanket and some comfortable chairs. But if it is too cold, take advantage of snuggling.

8. Write Love Letters

Go old school. Personally write a love letter, put it into an envelope and seal it off with a kiss or a heart. Address them, mail them out to your significant other’s work place or leave it in the mailbox.

9. Create a Love Board

Go new school. Create a digital board of pictures and share it with your significant other by sending an email at any time during the day.

10. Traditions

Why break with tradition? A nice dinner out at your favourite restaurant, with chocolates and flowers are all great options as well!

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Wedding Planning!

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