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To DIY or not to DIY?

That's truly the question!

I recently had dinner with a couple whose wedding I planned over the summer, and over Somersby Apple Cider beer (um, where has this been all my life?) and homemade quesadillas, we chatted about her wedding planning experience.

Undoubtedly, we ended up talking about the huge amount of DIY the bride did herself for the wedding day. And one thing was for sure. The days leading up to her wedding (and on the wedding day!) was far more enjoyed by several people around her, but not herself.

Which brings me to today’s topic - is DIY really for you?

You’ve pinned 400 different images of your wedding vision and now it’s time to buckle down, get all your Michael’s coupons together, and make all of these things (literally) come to life.

While the price tag is very tempting and the personalization is second to none, here are some things to consider before going down your glue gun journey.

1. Are you naturally a crafty person? - when you see sales at Fabricland or a new crochet pattern you haven’t tried yet, does it give you butterflies in your stomach? Are you always that person that starts making Christmas presents in August? While most wedding DIY things are simple, think twice before deciding to work your mom’s sewing machine if you haven’t used it in years (or ever).

2. How busy are you on a regular basis? - working full-time, moving/buying a new house, greeting (and entertaining!) guests, and doing your phD, all while figuring out how to paint some really cute signs is probably a combination you should reconsider before attempting your DIY crafts. As well, 4 months is not actually 4 months of time you have to do said projects, when everything else above is factored in. Collectively, 4 months probably turns into about 3 weeks if you’re lucky.

3. Do you have the best entourage that loves you, is in town and available? - one cannot do a full DIY wedding alone. That’s why you have bridesmaids! But make sure that you have bridesmaids, family and friends who are within a 20 km radius (for those super glue emergencies) and who are generally more available… and bonus, who are also naturally crafty!

4. You’ve finished it all - now what? - Did you consider who is going to set everything up on the wedding day? Generally, decor and floral companies charge a premium if there are large amounts of personal decor items (see: DIY) that requires set up, alongside their own product. Or perhaps you just have a group of really good friends (maybe the same ones that helped you put it together!) to go early to the venue to make sure it’s all set up properly. Depending on how much there is, this can take from 1 to 3 hours, so ask nicely and buy them a big cookie!

Of course, there are always the perks of having DIY be a part of your wedding. The results are stunning, so personalized and really “you”. And that’s how it should be, shouldn’t it? But one shouldn’t be losing weight, sleep and sanity over crocheted flowers, so make sure you consider the above before moving ahead!

Until next time,


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