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Flower of the Month - Delphiniums

May's Flower of the Month is a florist favourite, particularly when looking for a linear alternative to the orchid or snapdragon. The common name of delphinium is the "larkspur" (in case you find yourself wandering into a lovely corner flower shop!)

Delphinium are fantastic because they come in a variety of different colours, but moreover, in the soft, romantic wedding colours that most brides tend to gravitate towards. Blush, baby blues, ivories and purples are all available in the versatile flower.

Most commonly seen in English gardens, delphiniums are used to add that punch of colour to a bouquet. Or if you are feeling really bold and want something unique, creating a bouquet entirely of delphiniums would be perfect for a rustic garden wedding.

If statement is what you are after, delphiniums grow up to 6 ft tall, and can be used to create that "wow" factor when entering a reception room. And with all different shades of bold colours, you are sure to make people gasp!

For more inspiration, please visit our Pinterest board on our May Flower of the Month!

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