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Baggage on the Wedding Day (and not emotional)

As a woman, our purse (or undersized luggage for some of us) contains the contents to our lives. It is our emergency kit. Our life line. Our can’t-live-without item. During a recent event, we had a little purse mishap. Thankfully, everything proceeded without a hitch, but this incident really gave me something to think about. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, the contents and whereabouts of your purse should be well thought out prior to the main event! What to Bring?

The essentials! That goes for everything from makeup to mints. Only bring what you need to touch up and stay fresh. For days that will prove to be hectic, you shouldn’t have to worry about lugging around a giant bag of possessions. Leave what you can, and take what you need. The smaller the bag, the easier it is to transport. If you are hiring a coordinator, he/she should have an emergency kit ready at your disposal. This kit should contain everything that you need in an event of an “emergency”. This includes everything from Wetnaps to bug spray, to sewing kit to toothbrush. If your wedding coordinator does not have an emergency kit, you might consider rehiring. The wedding coordinator should be 110% prepared for anything that might come your way! Must-Haves So we know that the list of “what you need” might run long if you are one of those people that packs 5 pieces of luggage for a 3 day weekend trip. So here’s are a couple tips if you are a bridesmaid: 1. A copy of your speech is important - but make sure you create an extra copy and give it to the coordinator (just in case!). 2. Your own makeup touch-up kit that the makeup artist gives you. 3. Your cell phone, Crackberry or iCrack. 4. The BRIDE’S cell phone, Crackberry or iCrack (because she should NOT be texting or answering pressing calls this day - leave this to the coordinator!). Facebook status updates and check-ins should only be during downtime! 5. Some Kleenex 6. A small camera for your own candid shots when the photographer is not around. 7. Some foldable flats (Shoppers sells some nice ballet flats that you can zip-up in a baggie) - those killer heels, while beautiful, are exactly just that by the time the reception comes along… killer! 8. Some cash to tip if needed or a debit/credit card to pay for some snacks if there is a stop off. (we have seen many a McDonald’s run!) If you are the bride, the same list applies, except of course your cell. Again, there shouldn’t be anything you need to do on the day of - just enjoy yourself! Otherwise, these items are pretty much all you need. How and Where to Keep it?

Now that you’ve figured out what to bring, how will you transport it? If your bag is relatively small you will most likely keep it on your person. However, if you’ve decided to go down the “luggage” route make sure you have someone reliable looking after your bag. If you choose to bring it into the limo, be wary of its location. A common mistake is leaving the bag in the limo. The reception is typically when the limo will depart, and will not return until the end of the evening, or when you are doing photos, the driver might take the opportunity to grab a coffee while waiting. So giving it to the coordinator’s assistant (i.e. me!) or whoever is following you around for the day, is a good option if they don’t mind. This way, it’s always there, and will be transported into the bridal suite as soon as you get to the hall - we make this part of our job! Remember, on the day of the wedding, you will be busy, distracted, and preoccupied by anything and everything. Here’s to no more future mishaps with baggage!

Until next time, Kimberly

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