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10 Simple Tips of Weather-Proofing Your Outdoor Wedding

"Sun is shining, the smell of fresh cut grass, fluffy white clouds in the shape of hearts floating by, smiling sun-kissed bridesmaids, and the faint sound of guests gossiping and waiting for the arrival of you. Not a problem in the sky!"


(Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography, taken on one of the hottest days of the year in 2014 - 35C, feeling like 40!)

Saying your vows being kissed by the sun, the wind blowing through your hair for those picture perfect moments captured for life, or having your first dance under the stars. Creating that breathtaking fairy-tale wedding outdoors can be as difficult as Prince Charming trying to find whom the glass slipper belonged to. As the days wind down to that momentous day, the weatherman becomes your best friend and Mother Nature your archenemy. Thankfully, we are here to help and ease some of the stress and provide you with some simple tips. Creating an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone is essential! 1. Sometimes too much sunshine is not a bad thing but face guests away from the sun to avoid the glare. 2. Offer guests lemonade; personal favourite is raspberry lemonade or sparking water before your ceremony to keep everyone happy and hydrated. 3. Making your programs in the shape of fans and by simply adding a Popsicle stick to the bottom, provides guests with a way to keep cool during the ceremony. 4. Prevent mosquitoes and other pests that tend to be prevalent in warmer weather by asking your wedding venue to spray mosquito repellent beforehand, or use citronella candles in your centerpieces, maybe even eclectic tiki torches, only if they match your theme. Decor and ambiance is key to set the mood for your special day! 5. Candles; cover them with glass hurricanes so the wind doesn't extinguish the flame. 6. Keep centerpieces indoors till the last minute. Flowers survive better in cooler temperature and will sustain themselves throughout your ceremony and reception. 7. Don't let your seating cards fly away, use place-card holders or mini-frames. Learn from other people's mistakes. Personal preferences from experienced brides! 8. Don't break a sweat! Upgrade your deodorant to contain Aluminum Chloride, to control excess sweat. 9. Just in case it rains the day before and your using a grass aisle, practice walking in advance because heels can get stuck walking on wet grass. 10. By securing tiny fishing weights in your veil, it can prevent fly-aways in the wind. You can also spray-paint them to match your wedding dress and accessories. Most importantly, always have a plan-B, not the emergency contraceptive kind! And when it’s all said and done, you and Prince Charming can live happily ever after! Good luck!

Until next time,


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