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Game On.

I always get asked the question, “Kimberly, when will you know that you’ve ‘made it’?” I always chuckle afterwards, just because I picture being on some kind of celebrity talk show and having to answer something completely outrageous like, “I made it when I’ve walked the Oscar red carpet and have accepted the award for Best Female Actress, while wearing a fabulous Carolina Herrera gown. And I’ve sat in the same row as the whole Ocean’s 11 cast.”

In reality, I suffer from a very common mentality that most entrepreneurs have. There is no glass ceiling. There is no stopping this train. There just isn’t an “end”. Whenever I feel like we’ve plateau’ed, achieved another major goal, took another big step, I just end up re-grouping, re-focusing, re-structuring, and planning for yet another amazing year where we blow the socks off.

So since it’s the day after New Years, it’s only fair for me to share what epic-ness this year will have in store. Every year end, the team and I sit down and we have what I call “put it all on the table” conversations. We analyze the pitfalls and the mistakes, and we celebrate the successes. And while my type-A personality rages, I purposely do this for one main reason.

To answer the question: “What can we offer to the 2015/2016 clients to make their events even more spectacular?”

*drum roll*

1. A new, all-season floral shop, catering to not just the events crowd but to everyone else requiring floral services. Bring on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and funeral arrangements.

2. Our events and milestones will finally have it’s own division! We can’t forget about the little guys - baby showers, engagement parties, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, Filipino debuts and milestone birthdays.

3. Our decor and design division will also have it’s own trademark, starting this year, and run by our Senior Production Manager, Michael. Because it’s just too fabulous to not be it’s own standing service.

4. Our day-of coordination service will also have it’s own division so to give more attention to our day-of and month-of clients. And this will be run by Valary, our Senior Event Specialist.

I would be remiss if I said that these goals will not take an army to achieve, so I have to thank my team in advance for all the hard work they will be putting, alongside myself, to make it happen. I am blessed to be able to do what I love with all the time and energy I have, with people I love and who are just as passionate about Envision Weddings as I am.

I read on Instagram:

2013 was practice.

2014 was the warm up.

2015 is game time.

Blow the whistle - we are ready!

Until next time,


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