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Guest Blog: Krew Catering Co.

We’re kicking off a new series of blog posts - THE VENDOR TAKEOVER! This is where we get some of our favourite vendors to write something cool for our blog and give us a little bit of insight into what they do as well. Because let’s be honest, you guys don’t want to hear from us ALL the time, right? 😉

First off, allow us to introduce Kalvin from Krew Catering Co. This man is a machine - a food machine! Kalvin and I (Kim) began working together on a charity event back when he first started Krew, and now it has blossomed to…. a chaotic monstrosity. But it’s all beautiful chaos.

I’ll let him take it from here….


Catering has always been a unique business to be part of in the hospitality world. Especially weddings! - They are our main feature in this.

After all, working together with a wedding planner sure helps take the pain away from the challenges that move us, lift us and degrade us. (At least for a caterer) We get pulled from multiple directions, somehow managing to have the answer for everything wedding-related.

With the number of weddings I have done, it's like waking up in the morning and making my first coffee of the day. That's what I look forward to, but if I don’t have it… then we all know what happens!

Let's begin

1. Our first initial step as a team, upon entering that wedding day, is focusing on ourselves. We take a bit of time to be alone, breathing in the fresh air and thinking about things that relax us and make us think happy thoughts. This concept isn't just for wedding days - but for catering all together, we need it. Replenishing our moods, thoughts and energy is what will get everyone through the day. - This goes for anyone. Even the bride and groom.

2. I can't count how many times we have had issues with staffing, rentals, food counts etc. I cannot express this enough; always, always count! Triple check the packing lists, trays, forks, spoons; you name it. We can cook amazing food and provide outstanding service, but it boils down to having everything we need. Whenever someone asks me what it's like to be a caterer, I always tell them, I love it, but for the love of God, COUNT!. This doesn't just end in a tip - It's our career.

3. Being in that moment of unpacking at 6 am, the ovens, fryers, pots, pans, plates and cutlery are just the beginning. That's the part we know like the back of our hands. As the day continues, there is so much to manage and to gather that 24 hours flys by so quickly. We feel like we're still planning the wedding the day of. Itineraries and floor plans are so important. Here is a tip, do not wait until the last day to give those itineraries out! It's so much easier for us, to have those final headcounts so we can order your food (5 days prior.)

We do so much more than just cooking. We organize food to come in, we count that food, break down meats, simmer stocks over 2 days to make a sauce for just one of your entrees, the list goes on. We don’t just show up and cook. After all, when we communicate with a client, it's oftentimes 2 weeks to 2 years before the wedding. Every minute counts to ensure we are all on the same page. We want to show you our unique talent, but we need everyone to play their part!

4. Weddings are a feeling of comfort. I have approached catering as a way to make the client feel stress-free and we cook good, honest food that leaves them smiling. We often have brides and grooms that don’t eat because they're feeling anxious, overwhelmed or whatever it may be. Which leads us back to the first point right? Breath, take it in, relax.

You should not just have an itinerary for the wedding itself, but for other things as well - to keep your mind at ease throughout the whole process. It's okay to take a few days away from planning your wedding. It helps! Sometimes I step away from emailing my clients or couples to make sure my mind is in the right spot leading up to the big day. This keeps me fresh!

5. Everyone will make mistakes. I REPEAT. Not everyone is perfect. Nor should you expect perfection. There's extensive detail that goes into this stuff. To give you an example, I have dropped a 4 tier wedding cake (valued at over $5,000). The big question... what would you do? How do you keep it together? What’s your alternative? These are things that happen and could happen.

I'll tell you what I did after that mistake; I never brought a wedding cake in again! It's no longer in our services. If you need someone to bring one in for you, I will give you a referral, but to walk that cake into your venue is no longer on me. Always have a backup plan. It's like rain!

There is a lot I could share, but your mental health and taking it slow is all you need to be successful in your planning. Count, maintain consistency and execute the big day. Lots of tears will be shed, backaches will happen and your social life will dwindle in the high season. But we are here, and here for you.

Bon appetit,



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