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And… We’re Back!

It’s been six months since we signed off on the crazy year of 2020 and anticipated, with great hope, what laid ahead for 2021. We were so hopeful that things were going to change - and to be fair, things did change drastically since we last posted on this blog.


We are still alive and kicking and BOOKING WEDDINGS, for both wedding planning / wedding coordination and floral design. So that’s the plus, and the long and short of it.

But aside from that, everything else has taken a little bit of a shift.

I (Kimberly) am now also a business consultant, helping other service-based businesses (whether they were affected by the pandemic or not) achieve greatness to varying different degrees. Whether that meant helping them with social media strategy, creating rock-solid workflows to organize their business backend, or increasing their sales.

At the end of 2020, I remember thinking to myself, “If there was something else I was good at that I can contribute to other people, what would that be?” And what I realized, I was good at business, running teams, and managing projects (duh). Thus, Add Oil Consulting was born. And over the past 6 months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hardworking, passionate, and like-minded business owners in completely different industries and communities. I’m not going to lie, it felt a little weird not talking about weddings 24/7.

Meghan - my faithful and loyal senior planner - began working at our floral distributor in sales shortly after the pandemic started and is thriving. Because shockingly, floral wholesalers did not stop or shut down throughout the entire pandemic. While everyone else sat like ducks waiting for things to open up, our distributors were busy. As. Heck. And they needed a Meghan, so I was willing to share her, even just so that I knew she was financially stable. (but guys, I will need her back soon!)

Cynthia - my other trusty senior planner - maintained her day job in project management, which thankfully was in one of those industries that wasn’t really affected by the pandemic. In fact, I daresay they were even busier during quarantine! But she always maintained her own business Suenos by Cynthia, while freelancing weddings with us as well.

As for the rest of the team (Alexa, Mike, Haley, and all our assistants who come and go), they are all thriving and well!

But our NUMBER 1 and FIRST LOVE has always been wedding planning and coordination, and what I love about our team is that all our side hustles, projects, and other income streams (to survive as human beings), is all in service to be able to come back to all of you, you beautiful brides, COVID warriors, and couples in love, because this is where we belong and want to be!

So, we hope to see you soon and hear all your plans on how to make the rest of 2021 and 2022 amazing, with KICK-ASS parties, MOUTH-WATERING food, and lots of hugging and kissing and champagne popping!



Photography by: Artists Touch Productions

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