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Finding Vendors with Integrity

As your wedding day only comes around once, it is important – nay, crucial - for you to find wedding vendors that have a high level of integrity. Without integrity, businesses don’t work!

Meet with vendors that will reply to emails promptly, show up on time to meetings, make things clear and straightforward, and answer all your questions. Although this may seem very basic and expected, there will be occasional service person that will think that it is okay for them to leave your questions on the backburner, arrive half an hour late to your initial meeting without reasonable cause, and dodge some tricky, potentially uncomfortable questions (i.e. “What are the additional charges aside from what you listed in your package?”).

Keep in mind that these people that you hire will only have 1 chance to make a good impression on your wedding day. For the most part, there is no time for anything to go wrong, and if it something does inevitably happen, they must be quick thinking and on their toes.

In saying this, I do have a couple other points for you to consider:

1 – Cheap packages, while maybe good quality, does not always equal the best service.

2 – If they are more affordable, then likely they are start-up businesses, and if so, then assess the level of dedication they possess to achieve. I find that really talented individuals that have hopes for their business to thrive quickly tend to work extra hard to make their clients happy.

3. Be aware of vendors that have been around for over 5 years, and offer very affordable prices. Aside from doing it as a hobby (and therefore, just doing it part-time), ask them why otherwise they charge so little.

With integrity, there is a level of commitment people automatically give to others, and these are the ones I hold in high regard. There are plenty out there that I would vouch for, so keep searching!

Until next time,


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