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How to Plan a Micro-Wedding during COVID-19

We're starting to plan again!

As social restrictions for Ontario start to lift, we as wedding planners are starting to brew up some revised, but still spectacular, ideas for our clients wanting to still get married this year, while postponing their larger celebration for next year. With the ability to have up to 10 people socially gather in most regions, couples are no longer restricted to just having the officiant and witnesses present at the ceremony. Which opens up a ton of possibilities!

Photography by Krista Fox Photography

I've always believed that small doesn't mean boring, so throwing a smaller gathering means that there's flexibility and opportunity to create something unique. Here are some tips on planning something memorable.

  1. Use the same officiant for both the civil ceremony in 2020, and a symbolic ceremony next year. If your postponed wedding celebrations are close to the one year mark from the original date, consider using it an opportunity to do a renewal of vows for your 1-year anniversary.

  2. Consider going north to take advantage of the scenery (with less chance of crowds). In fact, some inns might be open back to the public, or consider renting an AirBnB house for all your guests with a possibility of a beautiful backyard to do the ceremony.

  3. Ask your photography/videography team that you hired for the big celebration to shoot the civil ceremony so the footage and images can be added to the full collection once the big celebration happens.

  4. Still consider live streaming the micro-wedding for the rest of your guests so that they still feel involved. YouTube has this option, or a Zoom Pro account can link to Facebook live, and you can invite your guests to tune in prior to the date.

  5. If you don't want to wear the attire that you were saving for the large celebration, take the opportunity to get a second dress/suit that is more comfortable, which you can reuse for the reception for dancing.

  6. Smaller weddings open up options for food and beverage. While social restrictions may still be in play for restaurant seating inside, find a place that has a large patio option or have catering delivered to someone's home.

  7. If your guest list exceeds 10 guests, consider hosting several micro-gatherings in celebration of the civil ceremony. In other words, the first group of 10 for the ceremony can be vendors and immediate family, an afterparty can be with close friends, and a morning-after brunch can be for extended family, and so forth. More chances to party!

  8. Take the opportunity to make it just about you two. A wedding ultimately is about celebrating a union, and this is your chance to make it as intimate as you'd like. Have the ceremony at sunset. Don't worry about your guests being seated (in fact, having them stand around you in a circle increases the intimacy). Walk down the aisle together rather than being given away. Whatever it is, make yourselves the focus.

Photography by AGI Studio

Love isn't canceled! And congratulations!



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