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Featured Couple: Mickey + Adam


Hey everybody, Meghan here! It's been a hot minute since I last wrote about one of my awesome couples! With COVID and the 8,000 other things that are constantly happening in our day-to-day lives; sitting down and just writing out my thoughts, feels like a luxury.

And what a better way to start, than with a blog about a beautiful couple!!! With stage 3 on the horizon and the feeling of freedom with things opening back up in Ontario, it has me reminiscing about Mickey and Adam's giant, summer wedding ceremony in 2019.

Let me just say the love in their family church was quite literally bursting at the seams, to the point where we had an overflow of the guests sitting outside beside speakers, listening in on the ceremony. Top it off with an ice cream truck in the parking lot and you have the whole nine yards.

We also coordinated one of the largest group photos we've ever done including family, friends, church family, and work friends - totaling around 400 people!!! This meant MULTIPLE groups of 50-100 - shout out to the amazing photography team that kept their cool throughout it all.

On another mentionable note, Mickey pulled a full Beyonce with at least 3 outfit changes, and let me tell you she looked amazing in every one of them. Her stunning ceremony dress with a train that went on for days, a fog-filled first dance in another, and the most hyped-up money dance I’ve ever seen, in a third – There was never a dull moment!

Their wedding reception took place at the JC Banquet Hall in Scarborough where they did a buffet-style dinner (Gosh who else is missing buffet-style meals right's the little things I'm telling you) and their dinner was jam-packed with speeches, parent dances and not to mention a choreographed family dance (video below), remixed with all your favs.

All in all, it was an extremely awesome, wedding day and I am so happy they were able to share it with so many people.

Mickey, Adam and I shared some laughs and they were always so grateful for my persistent bugging to complete all of their tasks haha. I am forever thankful to be a part of awesome days like theirs.

I cannot wait for all the weddings to come in 2021 and onward, stay tuned because every wedding and experience is different so I'm sure I'll have a lot more stories to tell!

Have a fabulous day everyone!



PS Thank you to our amazing vendor team as well who helped pull this one off:

Wedding Photographer and Videographer: Gali Studios

Wedding Florals: Sima Flower Designer Wedding Coordinator: Envision Meghan for Envision Weddings


From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank Meghan and the whole Envision Weddings team for making our big day smooth and stress-free. Meghan, you went above and beyond, more than we expected. The work you did as our wedding coordinator was A LOT OF WORK!!! Adam and I were very disorganized and last minute about everything! A month prior to the wedding there were still a lot of things to be done and Meghan was our angel!! She told us what needed to be done, gave us due dates, and we got them done (she never got tired of sending reminders through text even if most of the time I never replied back because I still didn’t get done what she wanted me to do—> book my hair and makeup appointment)

Let’s just say Meghan was amazing support!! Thanks again, Meghan!!! We received tons and tons of compliments from our hardworking wedding coordinator team!!! Envision Weddings, you were all amazing on our wedding day.

LOVE, MICKEY + ADAM 07.28.19

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