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Featured Couple: Prity + Ryan

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It’s time to start featuring some of our AMAZING couples again!

And what better way to commemorate this couple’s first kid (ETA in a few weeks now, we believe!) than to feature the moment his parents were united in matrimony?

The year was 2018… many moons ago, pre-global pandemic, quarantine/lockdown, Australian fires, China riots, murder hornets, etc. It was a more peaceful time.

Prity had heard about me through a mutual acquaintance and knew that I had experience in doing Hindu and fusion weddings. She mentioned she was on a short timeframe and that her wedding was expected to be a “big, fat Punjabi wedding” (her words, not mine) with the added element of her fiance not being of the culture at all.

Was I up for the task?

Of course, naturally, I said yes, but boy, did they deliver in the “big, fat Punjabi wedding” part.

This wedding was nothing short of what South Asian weddings are perceived to be - lots of moving parts, several days, tons of cultural elements and traditions, and a whole lotta love with a whole lotta people. By Indian wedding standards, this wedding was subtle (at a mere 250 guests). But considering that about 18 months after the wedding, the events industry was brought to its knees, I am sure everyone would agree that we’d do anything to go back to having these “big” numbers again.

Everything from the groom surprising the bride with a traditional “Bollywood” dance at their sangeet (ladies party), to the grand processional on the horse during his baraat (groom’s entrance), to the bride being carried in by her brothers on a doli (bride’s carriage), and the MAGIC TRICK that made the bride and groom poof out of nowhere for their grand entrance (my favourite part of all!) -- it was all carefully planned over the course of a short 8 months.

Not without its challenges though - it rained cats and dogs on the wedding day, which was overall disappointing for the couple as they chose their venue (Ascott Parc) primarily for the outdoor space (thank goodness for the inclement weather option); and of course, I got my keys locked in my car that afternoon while checking in on the bridal party photos at Black Creek Pioneer Village. A long hold with Zipcar later, I retrieved it and was on my way, but I will admit, there was a slight hiccup in my generally calm, wedding-day composure 😉

But in the end, we got them married, the decor was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the guests all had a great time. Which is always our end goal. We never promise that things will be troubleshoot-free, but we always guarantee that our couples are happy at the end regardless of whatever happens.

This day would not have been possible without the help of our AMAZING vendors:

Photography/Videography: Fable Studios

Hair and Makeup: Paali Makeup

Lengha: Bombay Trendz

Decor: Diya Decor

Baraat Doli and Reception Performers: Rahul the Dhol Guy

DJ: Empire Entertainment - DJ Double J

Magicians: Ray Chance of Chance Magic

Thanks for being great partners to pull off such a memorable day.

And to Prity and Ryan - thanks for all your trust and congratulations on the baby Grant! Wishing you all the best for your new journey ahead.



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