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Featured Couple: Sandy + Josh

It’s been a hot minute, guys! And when I say hot, I mean, HOT.

So these days I’ve been staying indoors because if most of you know me, me + the excruciating heat (like I’m talking above 35 degrees) do not mesh well.

Days like these remind me of Sandy and Josh’s wedding - not just because it’s was also super sticky and humid, but because these two were also incredibly sweet and determined to give their guests a hella good time. Fortunately, I love my dang job so much that for weddings like this one, I’d still work my little sweaty tush off.

The Chinese traditional elements were kicked off at the bride's house, complete with fun “door games” (a series of challenges that the bridesmaids and bride’s family put the groom and groomsmen through in order to “win” the bride).

Following the games, the bride and groom headed off to the groom’s parents house, a huge property with a sprawling backyard (more of an oasis than anything!), where they performed the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, honoring parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles by serving tea and in return, receiving gifts to bless the union.

Sandy then changed into her western white gown and the incomparable Lisa Mark captures the anticipation of the groom seeing his bride for the first time in the outfit she’d be wearing during their vows.

The ceremony was held at the stunning Eagles Nest Golf Club that held breathtaking views of the course around them. But the heat was unforgiving and I still, to this day, don’t know how everyone sat through the beating sun (with no shade!) for the full 30 minutes of the ceremony. Sandy and Josh were evidently loved! (Even though everyone made a beeline back into the club following the ceremony for some much-needed refreshments)

With such joy and love in the room, Sandy and Josh and 250 or so of their closest family and friends enjoyed a delicious meal followed by a PLETHORA of entertainment afterward. Between the late night Peking Duck wrap station, the mobile gelato bar, and the photo booth, I doubt the guests were bored at all.

Thanks to this amazing couple for letting me be a part of their special day, heat and all!

And to the rest of the vendor team:

Video and Photo Booth - SDE Weddings

Floral and Decor - Flowers 597

Peking Duck Station - Grand Catering

Gelato Station - Love Gelato

Y’all rocked it!



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