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Venue Spotlight: Miller Lash House

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on the gorgeous cottage esque Miller Lash House. I attended one of their planner lunches last month and got all the juicy details to share with you!

Initially when walking into the venue, my first thought was that this would be an awesome space for intimate affairs. It was a decent size but the two largest rooms could most likely only fit up to ten tables each. I later found out that they had a way to cater to ALL event types with a large tented area outside and a massive field that could fit festivals and concerts in the thousands.

Now let’s talk ceremony, in my opinion I think if you want to have your entire event indoors your best option would be to do a flip. Your ceremony and reception would be in the larger of the two rooms and cocktails would remain in the room with the bar(pictured below). Other options would be to take advantage of the tent. Have your ceremony indoors and the reception in the tented space. Hey, you could even set up a ceremony space outdoors on the property and do your reception in the tent. The options are endless when you have so many varying spaces you are working with.

That being said Miller Lash House only holds one event at a time. This would means no fighting over the best bridal suite, no sharing of bathrooms. You truly do have the freedom to work with the space/spaces.

So all in all I think this is a beautiful space for intimate and large affairs. I just so happened to go on a day where the space looked like a winter wonderland but I am excited to check back in during the summer!

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