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Featured Couple: Theresa and JB

Look, we love a good love story. As everyone should.

Theresa and JB had a great love story. We met them when were planning another one of their friends’ wedding, and we fell in love with them, their positivity and their inclusiveness.

Theresa, a nurse, and JB, a Filipino martial artist (honestly, it just sounds cool saying it!), got married at the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, which, in its mandate, openly affirms the LGBTQ+ community in the eyes of God, which we thought was such a perfect statement that this couple was trying to achieve.

Beyond that, personal touches gleamed from every corner of this wedding - particularly in the flowers, that were lovingly arranged by the bride’s two sisters, who are florists. In fact, the sisters were determined to keep the overall look a surprise from the couple to make it extra special and breathtaking.

As a result, the stunning reception was covered from head to toe in blush and white blooms and welcomed 120+ guests at the chic York Mills Gallery to party the night away. And boy, did they dance…. Did I mention 1 of the 2 talented floral sisters was (is) also a hip hop dancer and the groom serenaded the bride as well?! No shortage of talent, that’s for sure.

Thanks to the staff of YMG for helping to execute this one and Willy Santiago for the great shots!

And to the rest of the vendor team - killing it as always.

Caterer: Catertrendz

Sound: Sole Power

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