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Featured Couple: Tanya and Mandela

This week I wanted to take a look back at one of my most memorable weddings which we had the privilege of providing floral and decor for.

Tanya and Mandela came to us to transform their hall at Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport into their elegant blush and ivory wedding dream come true.

Tanya is a makeup artist, so she naturally had a good idea of what she wanted when she picked the palette. Her keen eye knew when something was not right, even when she saw the fabric of the backdrop of the wedding the evening before and requested it to look more "mauve blush" than "pink blush".

I remember this wedding so clearly for many reasons - firstly, our custom constructed wooden arch made its debut that year. We also moved the arch with all those flowers (HEAVY!) from the ceremony to the entryway between the ceremony and reception so that it framed their grand entrance. But this was by special request as Mandela is a dancer and was intent on making a truly entertaining entrance (which did not disappoint!)

As well, to match the bride's vision, we ended up tracking down other fabric and remade all the custom panels the night before.

But we were thrilled to do it as we knew that T + M was (are) a very well loved couple -- so much that their guest list ballooned significantly closer to the wedding day!

Thanks to the lovely couple for letting us be a part of it. May you have plenty of dance jams in your marriage!

Special thanks to:

Photography - Samantha Clarke

Coordination - In My Elyment

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